TECON Services

TECON Services – An entity for business automation consultancy which strives hard to lead the marketplace by developing and delivering forward-looking products, services, and solutions that add value to everyday life. We are a technology based service provider in the area of e-Business, e-CRM, Hospital Management, Human Resource Management, Welfare (NGO)Trust Management, IT Service Management, Warehouse Management, Automotive Dealership Management along with the specialization in the field of systems integration. Our commitment is to provide hi-tech, reliable solutions to progressive businesses and organizations in the shape of competitively priced software products and services.

TECON continues to contribute a diverse range of innovative products including solutions for Self-service Banking and Middle-ware Controllers, Customer Service and Experience, and Business Automation and Collaboration. TECON has several product deployments in diversified sectors including Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Healthcare and Retail. TECON’s cutting-edge solutions advance through close collaboration of clients, in-house experts, and industry veterans to take the industry to the next level of customer-centric innovation.

Our business philosophy is based on the importance of relationships and a relentless search for greater accomplishments. At TECON, we never lose sight of our commitment to fulfilling the needs of each client, building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship on that foundation.